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Preparing for a New Normal: 5 Things Nova Scotia Businesses Can Do Before They Reopen

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the business world on its head. Some companies sent their employees home to work remotely. Others were forced to shutter altogether. Some suffered gaps in their supply chain, while others saw drastic increases or decreases in customer demand.

In the midst of the chaos, one thing remains clear: When it’s time to go back to work in Nova Scotia, the workplace will probably look and function a lot differently.

Let’s look at a few things businesses can start doing now to prepare for a new normal:

1. Offer Face Masks to Employees and Customers

As an employer, it’s your job to provide your employees with everything they need to succeed in the workplace. After COVID-19, this will likely include face masks and other PPE.

If you have customers that visit your location, it’s a good idea to have a stock of masks to hand them if you’re going to require them to wear one. Making a mask a requirement but not offering a solution may end up driving away some of your best customers if they don’t have a mask with them. Plus, you’re setting a good example that shows you take their health seriously, and that’s an example other businesses around you can follow.

2. Stock Up on Alcohol Sanitizer

For businesses that have remained open or are just starting to reopen, it’s becoming more common to see alcohol sanitizer stations placed in strategic locations. This not only protects yourself, your employees, and your customers from potentially spreading germs, but it also shows that you’re doing your part as a business to prioritize other people’s health.

Alcohol sanitizer doesn’t cost any more than simple hand washing, and it’s a very small price per person to do your part in mitigating contamination.

3. Train Employees on PPE Usage

Masks, gloves, face shields, and other PPE are likely to become part of the average workplace uniform. However, these items do very little to protect employees and customers if your employees are properly trained on how to wear and use them.

When your employees come back to work, take time to train them on proper usage of any PPE you require them to wear. Talk about how to avoid cross-contamination when wearing gloves.  Demonstrate how to properly wear and remove a mask. Go over proper hand-washing techniques and talk about how long an employee can wear PPE until they need to dispose of it in favour of a fresh set.

4. Beef Up Your Cleanings

Your local authorities may have specific cleaning instructions for your industry oh, so you’ll want to pay close attention to any requirements to stay in compliance. If you don’t have a set of rules to follow, it’s a good idea to amp up your cleaning efforts. stock up on cleaning products and make it a point to wipe down door handles, surfaces, and commonly touched items every hour or more.

5. Watch for New Guidelines

The COVID-19 pandemic is new territory for all of us, and new guidelines are constantly being issued as new information becomes available. Keep in touch with any local experts, the media, the WHO, or other authorities to ensure you’re doing everything you can to stay in compliance and protect the health of others and yourself.

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